The who, the what, and the why of human behaviour

Research starts with finding out who you're talking to. Then you need to know how to contact them, and - essentially - what to ask. With our years of experience in research, you'll be guided through the process so you're getting accurate, useful information. We draw on a range of research methods - qualitative and quantitative - and we're always looking for new ways to best connect with your audience.

The Who

You can't understand what's driving your customers without understanding who they are and how they live. We don't just charge out and interview the first people we find - we discover who your business is targeting, and how best to get in touch with them. The next step is choosing the research method that suits their lives, behavior and the information you need.

The What

When we talk about quantitative research, we're talking about what people do. It's about gathering robust data from a large group, then using that information to drill down into patterns, trends and subgroups. The idea is to get information that's specific enough to be useful and broad enough to generalize. We use methods like computer aided telephone interviews, online surveys, and even old school face-to-face surveys to find out what your people are up to.

The Why

Qualitative research is about finding out what people think and feel about your business. This type of research - which includes things like focus groups and intensive face-to-face interviews or online exploration - gives you more in-depth information about what drives your customers. Because it's usually more open-ended and flexible, it can give you unexpected insight into your customers' thoughts and feelings.

Talk to the Versus team to find out what sort of research would work for you.