Our in-house call centre can accommodate up to sixteen interviewing staff, at any time. We are one of the few agencies with an in-house call center. This allows Versus to fully oversee all projects as well as being able to manage staff for the highest level of training and interviewing.

Versus interviewers are fully trained to AMRO specifications. Interviewers will be briefed on the project requirements commencing field. Project briefing includes background; objectives; and questionnaire structure, including skips and logic. New projects are always piloted before full field work begins, this allows any technical issues to be rectified and to check questionnaire flow and wording, any issues can be reported back to the research team before full field work is undertaken.

Interviewers have access to senior Versus personnel who can assist them with any questions or concerns they may have through the field time. A validation of at least ten per cent of each interviewer's work is conducted throughout the fieldwork phase.