Founded in 2001, Versus Research offers the full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research services. We recognise the importance of tailoring research design to fit the needs of clients and we provide a high level of service via customised research design.

We provide our clients with strategic direction

At Versus, we believe that research is not just about gathering information; it is about providing clients with strategic direction through creative, customer driven solutions.
  • Quantitative services: Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), online surveys, polling services, face-to-face interviewing, Central Location Testing (NPD)
  • Qualitative services: focus groups, depth interviews, affinity pairs, accompanied shops, mystery shopping
  • Field only services: CATI, online interviewing, qualitative recruitment
Versus has extensive experience and has conducted qualitative and quantitative work relating to:
  • Media/Communications;
  • Advertising Testing;
  • NPD Research;
  • Packaging Testing;
  • User Testing;
  • Concept Testing;
  • Customer Satisfaction;
  • Customer Experience;
  • Customer Loyalty;
  • Web Development/Evaluation;
  • Pricing Research;
  • Usage and Attitudes;
  • Brand Strategy/Positioning;
  • Brand Awareness;
  • Community Feedback/Issue Investigation;
  • Stakeholder Engagement.